Layla J. Brown, RN, CPM, LM

Meet the Midwife

There's much to see here, so  take your time to look around! I hope you enjoy the photo gallery and educational resources I have linked.  Please contact with any questions or if you want to set up a consultation.


I became interested in seeking alternatives to hospital births while attending my OB rotations as a nursing student in 1997. A few years later a close friend of mine had a homebirth, and I was captivated!  In 2002 I became pregnant with my first child, and decided to pursue homebirth with an underground midwife. I developed a really great relationship with my midwife and after I delivered, she said she would love to have me come on with her as an apprentice.  I said, "YES!"

I attended my first birth in 2003 with my 3 month old daughter in tow.  I apprenticed for 3 years under my midwife, until 2006 when we became partners, and I began serving as a "Direct Entry Midwife".  We served Alabama women together in partnership from 2006-2013. In 2013 my partner left to serve women in India and I took over 10 Moons Rising Midwifery.  Certified Professional Midwives were not licensed and recognized in Alabama during any of this time. In 2017 after not having recognized licensed midwives since 1976, momentum was building and it looked as though we were going to have a bill passed. That bill was only going to recognize Certified Professional Midwives, so I decided to get busy!  After months of preparation for the NARM exam and literally hundreds of papers to prove my years as an experienced Direct Entry Midwife, I took, and passed the NARM exam in January 2018 becoming a Certified Professional Midwife "CPM". It took another full year for the legal process to go through, and in January 2019 , I was in the group of the first 5 licensed midwives "allowed" to practice in the state of Alabama.

Throughout my journey as a midwife, I have been blessed with six children 2003-2016. All were born at home!  My husband and children have been an amazing support and I couldn't do any of this without them.  As nursing babies every one of my newborns has attended births with me! They  have endured being wakened at strange hours to be taken to grandmas house because "mom is at a birth and I (dad) have to go to work." I am thankful for the sacrifices they have made so that I could serve families.

I continue to work part time as a Pediatric Registered Nurse, and I love taking care of children. However, the  Midwifery Model of  Care is where my heart lies.  I love the hands-on skills, the educational aspects, and the holistic approach to wellness involved in midwifery care.  Midwifery care is personal, and I feel honored to be welcomed into a Mother's space and help her bring new life into this world! Truly an incredible honor and joy!  It is my goal  to provide quality, holistic midwifery care that is tailored to each individual client.

Midwifery Training and Experience:

⦁ UAB student 1994-1998

⦁ Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1998

⦁ Licensed as a Registered Nurse 1998 

⦁ Pediatric Registered Nurse 1998 to present

⦁ Midwifery Apprenticeship 2003-2006

⦁ Direct Entry Midwife 2006-2018

⦁ Received Certified Professional Midwife accreditation through the North American Registry of 

         Midwives, January 2018

⦁ Licensed Midwife by the state of Alabama, January 2019

⦁ Current Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) Certification

⦁ Current Adult and Pediatric CPR Certification

⦁ Member of Alabama Midwives Alliance

⦁ Contributor to (MANA) Midwives Alliance of North America statistics

⦁ NARM Registered Preceptor 2018