"My experience as a father using Layla was superb from the beginning. Each visit with Layla during the pregnancy was thorough and helpful. What I loved about Layla is that she genuinely wanted feedback from the dad, which was fantastic! She was available 24/7 to answer our questions, and was very professional throughout the pregnancy. I wholeheartedly recommend and will continue to use her services."

Jon Donald

"Layla is the perfect combination of confident in what she knows and nurturing. In my opinion she makes for the perfect midwife.  I felt so supported and cherished during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. She is so wise in her profession and cares so deeply about us moms. I'd recommend her again and again! She was an advocate of my abilities and championed me on when I didn't think I could. Her presence at my daughter's birth was so humble, only stepping in when she needed to.  Mamas, we are in good hands with Layla!"

Chandler Harris

"Having Layla as a midwife was truly a blessing. She was so supportive of what me and my husband wanted. Layla made me and my husband feel so comfortable, strong, and knowledgeable. Anytime I had a doubt or fear, she would immediately reassure me. I always felt safe and taken care of.  I would choose Layla again and again. As my husband has said to everyone he talks to, Layla is always worth the investment."

Katie Hall King 

"Having Layla as our midwife was a sweet experience. I could tell Layla served us from a genuine and sincere place. During our prenatals, she always took her time to make sure that I fully understood all of my birthing choices. On the Labor Day, though Layla was recovering from a personal injury, she still showed up to serve and care for our family attentively. Truly client centered and individualized care."

LaToria Rodriguez

"When I first decided to have a home birth (3rd child but 1st home birth) I was still slightly nervous about whether I could in fact have a natural birth (which I had done before) but this time in an out of hospital setting.  Not only did I grow in confidence because of the professionalism and information that Layla had provided, but I felt like I grew as a woman and mother as well. My husband also was encouraged and prepared to take a larger role, which brought us closer together throughout the journey. With Layla, and her team's support and encouragement, I became empowered in knowing that I could trust my body and that I was made for this. I was allowed to move at my own pace and respond to my body and not have to worry about invasive action or forced time constraints. It was truly the best, most relaxed and stress free experience I could have asked for!"  Shannah McDermott

"Having a baby in the comfort and peace of our own home was an experience I will always cherish! I am so thankful for my midwife Layla and her wisdom, care, and support.  Throughout my prenatal visits I learned so much about taking care of myself and the baby, and trusting the process of birth. After having 4 births in a traditional hospital setting, I am glad we took 'the road less traveled'. Our home births were gifts indeed."

Jen Cathey

"I had 5 babies with Layla. She is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. Best of all, she has the most amazing bedside manner. She is compassionate and has such wonderful empathy. She always made me feel the baby and I were the most important thing.  I  would and do recommend her to anyone who is looking for a midwife."

Nicole Robb

"I could not have asked for a better birth experience than what I have had with Layla.. She is knowledgeable, caring, and empowering from beginning to end. Her prenatal visits were always encouraging, and she makes your postnatal care feel loving and personal. I can't imagine giving birth any other way!"

Emily Donald

"I loved my home birth experience with Layla! She really cares for her Mama's and takes time for each of them during prenatal appointments! She is kind, professional, knowledgeable and respectful."

Destyni Sims

"I could write a book on how amazing it was to have our last 2 babies at the house in the care of Layla Brown. As a father, I was hesitant to do a home birth, so we had our first four in the hospital. The prenatal visits that Jen received with all the time and motherly love, and the delivery and follow up visits in our homebirth were unbelievable! Wish we has done it earlier."

Sam Cathey